AKTEK Company a multinational organization that has been providing services in the field of construction, construction chemistry, electric and gasoline machines, hardware from 1989 to today.

Aktek, the center of which is Istanbul - Turkey and which was built entirely at the expense of Turkish capital, provides services with dealers and distributors with a staff of more than 300 people who operate on 4 continents in more than 30 countries.

Our ultimate goal is to provide new products that meet high quality standards in the market in a form that would be in line with the position of a leader in the sector, growth by adding new countries to the market and providing more employment.

Aktek's Vision

To become a strong and respected global company creating value for our consumers, customers, employees and shareholders; to grow at the expense of the difference that has been created, to attach importance to social and cultural values, to be decision-oriented, competitive, and advanced.

Aktek’s Mission

Offering customers high-quality products at affordable prices, provide the best class service and establish strong relationships with customers. Develop a culture of excellence in our business processes, developing different business models and exceeding expectations. Respect the values of our employees, our society and our consumers, while ensuring a stable and stable income. To operate as a company that adheres to global values, fulfills corporate social responsibility obligations and respects the environment.

Values of Aktek

Customer is our priority. Our customers and customer satisfaction are our priorities in all of our activities. In relations with customers, we adhere to the principle of mutual benefit. Wishes of our clients come first for us.

We care about quality. We attach great importance to providing customers with the highest quality services. From production to sales, we are constantly working to improve our quality. We are looking for ways to offer a better product than customer expectations at more affordable prices.

Change is important to us. Taking new and various ideas, we put change in the first place. We are a company followed in areas where we operate.

We attach great importance to teamwork. We respect individual differences and work as one team for one purpose. We consult with each other, learn and develop together. We share successes and failures. We evaluate the offers of our employees.

Social and cultural values are important to us. We value and respect the social and cultural values of society.

We are focused on solving and mobilize all our capabilities to solve the problems we face.

We attach great importance to our corporate principles. In carrying out our activities, we follow the procedures that have been defined by our company.

We conduct fair trade. In our activities, we honestly treat the state, customers, shareholders, staff, partners and our suppliers. We have an innovative attitude

We act aware of social responsibility.



You also join the Aktek professional trading network, which operates in more than 30 countries.




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